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Creating websites

Good website is your business visit card. The way your business is perceived and clients’ decisions on cooperation with you, often depend on how they see your business while searching internet. That is why it is crucial to invest in good quality website with proper graphics and functionality. It makes difference what kind of photographs or fonts are used, as well as if the webpage „works” properly on different devices. These are often forgotten basics and my job is to make sure you will never face any issues with that. Over 10 years of experience made me sure professional webpage is one of the most important success factors for any business. Get in touch with me, let me know what you need exactly and I will prepare individual valuation. Based on that we can smoothly start our cooperation.

Tworzenie stron internetowych

Analiza i optymalizacja strony Internetowej

Analysing and optimising websites

You already have website but nobody visit it and you constantly wait for customers? Nothing is lost, you can requests website analysis. Based on the results, I can prepare full statistics and recommendations what to improve as well as provide potential reasons customers do not reach your offer in the internet.
Remember, it is not you who has to have technical knowledge on that. It is me, whose job is to explain you where the problem might be and suggest you best solution to be implemented.  Contact me and share the address of website which requires analysis.

Website positioning (SEO)

Your webpage does not appear in top search results in search engine, despite the fact you did everything you could do? There is solution for this of course. That is obvious to reach potential customers they should be able to see the link to your webpage in top search results. Hardly anyone is ready to check second or next pages in search engine, and that minimise chances customers can find you. That is why you need my professional knowledge and me. I am ready to prepare detailed report and action plan to be implemented to improve your website positioning significantly.

Analiza i optymalizacja strony Internetowej

Social Media

Social Media

Did you know your own channel on Facebook for instance, is equally important as professional website? Most of your future customers will be looking for information about your business in social media, too. Hire me and I will keep your profile systematically updated and will implement all the actions, which result with increased number of people interested in your business. Thanks to this kind of service you will not have to remember to update information in all important social media, because I will do that for you.

Virtual Employee

This kind of service is addressed to small and medium-sized businesses where hiring full time IT professional is not necessary or not cost-effective. Within such service you can secure specific business-dedicated support like website updating, its optimisation and management. These can be also social media activities required. The scope of my responsibilities will depend on your actual needs and our mutual agreement.
Such service is often much more effective than hiring regular staff and taking risk they are not utilized in full. Contact me and explain your needs. I am sure we can find best solution together.

Wirtualny Pracownik